SAP Training

Problem in IT and how SAP help to solve it

If your company is like many companies, you want faster deployments, less risk, and higher performance.

  • 64% of companies report that completing enterprise software deployments on time is extremely or very challenging1
  • 54% of projects run over schedule
  • 56% of projects run over budget2

How SAP help to solve it

  • Lower risk -When your IT people are certified, the mitigate risk by completing more projects on time and within budget.More number of certified IT professionals than noncertified IT professionals state that they are confident in their ability to implement IT systems on budget and on time.
  • Increase adoption -When your IT people are certified, they understand the software inside and out –which leads to higher user acceptance.
  • Instill confidence -When your IT people are certified, you have a clear measure of your technical capabilities –which gives you the confidence to take on new technology challenges.