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Industrial or Professional Training in Asp.Net

Module 1 - Front End Application

• JavaScript
• JQuery

Module 2 - Back End Application

ASP.NET ASP.NET Development Model
• Web Forms
• Server Controls
• Validation Controls
• State Management
• Page Framework

Master Pages

• Working with Master Pages
• Nested Master Pages
• Master Pages Event Ordering
• Caching with Master Pages

Themes & Skins

• Building Themes
• Working with Skins


• ADO.NET Architecture
• Data Providers
• Data Source Controls
• Data Bound Controls
• Rich Data Controls
• SQL Injection Attacks
• Expression & Expression Builders
• Transactions and Concurrency

State Management

• About State Management
• Hidden Fields, View State & Control State
• Information Transferring
• Session State
• Cookies
• Application State
• Using HttpContext

ASP.NET & Javascript

• Working with Javascript in ASP.NET Pages
• Client side Callback


• Working with AJAX
• AJAX Server Side Controls
• Page History
• Working with Javascript
• Ajax & Master Pages


• About Caching
• Page-Level Caching
• Page Fragment Caching
• Optimizing Your ASP.NET Application
• Application Caching
• Data Source Control Caching

User & Server Controls

• Building User Controls
• Working with Server Controls
• Themes, Skins in Custom Controls
• Debugging ASP.NET Applications
• Design Time Support
• Page Tracing
• Application Tracing
• Debugging
• Custom Performance Monitor
• Writing to Windows Event Log

ASP.NET Configuration & Deployment

• Local Configuration
• Global Configuration
• Configuration Programmatically
• Global.asax
• XCopy Deployment
• Global Assembly Cache


• About LINQ
• LINQ Queries
• LINQ Query Operators
• LINQ to Objects
• LINQ to DataSet

Web Services

• What are Web Services?
• Securing Web Services
• Caching Web Service Data

Windows Communication Framework

• Windows Communication Framework Architecture
• Designing Operation-Oriented Services
• Constructing Resource-Oriented Services
• Developing WCF RIA Services
• Deploying WCF Services

ASP MVC Framework

• Getting started with MVC Framework
• Orchestrating Application Requests with Controllers
• Defining the Model
• Mapping URLs for Request Routing
• Razor Views
• Working with Data in MVC Framework
• Ajax with MVC
• MVC Security
• Creating your own view

Entity Framework

• Understanding ADO.NET Entity Framework
• Entity Data Model
• Working with EDM Queries
• EntityDataSource Control
• LINQ to Entities